Zero degrees

This morning it was 0 degrees as I went out to feed the birds. It’s a good thing that the temps are low as it has slowed the melting of the snow and the run off that is going into our streams, rivers, and lakes.

The wind was completely calm so sound carried quite well. I could hear the water flowing over the rapids on Camp 40 Creek, the normally small creek that runs through the village of Crane Lake. I could also hear the rapids roaring at the Vermilion River Gorge.

The ice pack on the lake was making noise as well, contracting in the cold temperature. At times the lake would make a sound that almost sounded like it was burping.

Crane Lake has two rivers and two creeks that empty into it. The Vermilion River and the Echo Rivers are fair sized rivers. Camp 40 Creek and Snake Creek are smaller flowages, but in the spring their waters can swell rapidly with snow melt.

It looks like we will have high water to start off the season in the lake this year.

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