WW Dove – June 13, 2006

I just got back from Nelson’s Resort where the White-winged Dove has been hanging out. I finally got a good, long look at him. He looks a little skinny and so lonely. He has been around all week since June 2nd. One of our fishing guides has a little cabin stuck in the woods behind the main resort. He has a propane “Mosquito Magnet”. The machine makes a sort of cooing sound and we think perhaps he is attracted to that. The poor dove is looking for a mate. I feel sorry for him, if we’re really, really lucky maybe he does have a mate and then we would get a nesting record! (lets not get carried away here)
This morning I submitted the photo that I have to the MN Ornithologists Union’s Records Committee. I hope it gets accepted. I noticed that Peder Svengen is the chairman of the committee and I met him last winter in Cook at the residence where the Spotted Towhee was being sited. I hope he remembers me, it will add a little credibility to my recent sighting.

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