Wintergreen - gaultheria procumbens

The Wintergreen, Gaultheria procumbens, has just started blooming. This plant usually blooms late July to mid-August, so I guess we’re a little behind this year. By fall the flower will ripen into a shining red berry. They will mellow over the winter turning a deeper red and the berries will cling to the plant well into June if not consumed by chipmunks or Grouse before then. The crushed leaves and berries of this plant smell strongly of wintergreen and in the early days the essential oil of wintergreen was used to flavor candies and gum.

Astrid Lake Hiking Trail

The Astrid Lake Hiking Trail is starting to mellow into fall. Many plants have reached their peak in the growing season and signs of fall are starting to show.

Pitcher Plant in late August

The Pitcher Plants are losing the red veins that lured in insects. This plant will pretty much look like this through the winter as it hibernates under a thick layer of snow.

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