Winnowing Snipes – April 24th

I am over at the Groomer Garage now and to my complete surprise I was greeted by a Wilson’s Snipe this morning. When I got out of my car, I immeadiately heard the Snipe winnowing overhead. Wow, I thought they only did that at night! This is an opportunity to get to see them in action! Far overhead I caught sight of the bird and focused my binoculars on him. They make the winnowing noise with their wings. They are up about 200 feet and then they tilt their bodies and come down slightly to make the unique noise, then they regain their altitude and do it again. What a neat sound – it reverberated over the meadow.

This area is a mini-hotspot. There is a cleared area that looks like a meadow, then there are areas of swamp and woods on three sides. There are different birds that nest here like Killdeer and Red-wing Blackbirds. I’ve heard Snipes here at this location before, but it was the dark of night and no way could you have seen the unique flight of the winnowing Snipe! 


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