Wildflowers blooming right now

Purple Fringed Orchid

Purple fringed orchid. Look for this orchid in wet areas, sometimes it’s easy to find in roadside ditches.

Orange Hawkweed

This striking orange flower, that can be seen in a variety of different habitats, is called Hawkweed.


And this diminutive flower was my favorite find of the day, it is called Pipsissewa. Pipsissewa is a Cree name meaning “it breaks into small pieces”. Some of the other names this plant goes by are: prince’s pine, ground holly, love-in-winter, bitter wintergreen, pine tulip. It’s called gagigebug in Ojibwa and that translates to “everlasting leaf”.

Pipsissewa chimaphila umbellata

Here is a close-up of this pretty little flower.

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