Wild Goose Chase – August 9, 2006


Ok, last Thursday I did take a trip over to Grand Marais to see if I could get the Slaty-backed Gull. I think I might have seen it a couple of different times flying over the harbor. The Gull I saw flying was unlike any Herring or Ring-billed Gull I had seen before, and the call was different. I’m not going to count it because I was not positive on the id. I need to research it a little bit more.

I spent the night at a little cabin in Grand Marais and got up early the next day to head back to Crane Lake. Hwy 1 from Finland to Ely is known for Moose; they have warning signs posted along the road. And sure enough, I got a good look at a BIG Moose – they look so big from my little car. Made my Day!

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