White-winged Crossbills – Dec 16, 06

It was a fantastic bird day today! I had to go in to work to catch up on some work. I was leaving at about 1:30 and when I came out the door I heard some birds calling. It was a different call – one I didn’t think I had heard before. Up in the very tops of the large spruce trees around Nelson’s Resort were several flocks of birds. The birds were red and it looked like white wing bars. I lamented because I didn’t have my bins, when I remembered, Yes you do have your car bins! I have an old delapitated pair that I threw in my car last winter. I quickly retrieved them from my car and trained my eye through the one lense that still worked and sure enough – these were White-winged Crosbills!!! There were at least 20 of them and they were working the cones in the Spruce trees – I LOVE Spruce trees! This is a life bird for me – it was a good day.http://www.dvoc.org/DelValBirding/Species/WhiteWingedCrossbill.htm

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