White-throated Sparrow

If there’s one bird that is ubiquitous, with the Crane Lake area and Voyageurs National Park, it has got to be the White-throated Sparrow.

These little brown birds (LBB’s) usually stay well hidden in the underbrush, but their SONG permeates the forest with a beautiful whistled version of “poor sam peabody, peabody, peabody”. Some folks say they sing “oh sweet Canada, Canada, Canada” I don’t favor either, but I do agree it’s one of the most beautiful and recognizable songs out there.

It’s a shame though, that their name isn’t something more fitting (and easier and quicker to say). Like the Song Sparrow has a nice name, maybe Whistling Sparrow would be a better name for the White-throated Sparrow.

White-throated Sparrow - white stripe form

There are two forms of the White-throated Sparrow, the white striped and the tan striped. The above bird is the white-striped form.

White-throated Sparrow - tan stripe form

And the tan-striped form.

White-throated Sparrow

and the two together

White-throated Sparrow tan stripe form

But, they always have a white throat – and, they are one of only a few Sparrows with a white throat.

White-throated Sparrow juvenile

Then there’s the juvenile with the streaky breast. I was really confused when I first saw this bird.

Then I noticed the white throat!


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