What a great morning!

This year for the 1st time in Crane Lake, we have had a Cardinal overwinter, this morning he was singing. It was odd to hear, not something we’re used to. As I was listening, I heard Evening Grosbeaks. I’m hoping they stay around and nest like they have for the last several years. 

Then I was driving on the Crane Lake Road (CR 24) and I checked on the Osprey nest that is located by the Nelson Road (CR 424)and there was something sitting in it. I turned my car around for a closer look – the bird was small. The bird was eating some prey, and as I got a better look I saw it was a Northern Hawk Owl. He flew down to another snag and I got a great look. There was some weird noises going on as well, do Hawk Owls vocalize during the day?

When I got to work this morning (about 10 miles from Crane Lake and down the Echo Trail, CR116, a little bit) I found that the Starlings have returned to where they have nested in the past. Grrr.

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