What’s for Breakfast? – June 27, 2006

Wild Strawberries

The wild strawberries are abundant again this year on the Vermilion Gorge Hiking Trail. It’s a great way to spend your morning; birding and snacking on strawberries. I’m a little worried about the blueberries this year, its been dry.
Got excellent looks this morning of a Magnolia Warbler and a Blackburnian Warbler. A Veery was making its call note, which can sound a bit like a Grackle or Red-wing Blackbird, but then he broke into to his swirly song. There were two other Veerys answering from the other side of the trail. I love the song of the Veery, it is one of my favorites. The Swainson’s Thrush I heard earlier on the trail, has a similar swirly part of its song. The Veery is a thrush and is closely related to Swainson’s and Hermit Thrushes. I am so lucky to be able to compare their songs out in the woods.

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