Wed, March 28th

We had to take a quick run to the cities, so I took the opportunity to drive back up on Hwy 169 where there had been a report of Greater White-fronted Geese. Yes, they were still there and I got me another lifer! It’s so great when you go chasing a bird and it actually shows up. I’m averaging about a 50% success rate when chasing a reported rarity.

Spring is slowly creeping up north in Minnesota. I get so jealous of southern Minnesota in the spring when I see all the wonderful reports of migrating birds into the Twin Cities, while I’m sitting up here on the northern border looking at ice and snow.

Sunday we had a Mourning Dove visit the yard. We don’t usually have these birds in our boreal forest, but remember last summer we had a White-winged Dove at Crane Lake and that was soooo exciting! I had a brief bout of heart hammering until I confirmed it was just a Mourning Dove. You never know, the White-winged Dove may have just liked Minnesota so much that he would travel up here from Texas again.
Then on Monday morning, there was a singing Red-winged Blackbird at the swamp by the Groomer Garage and on Tuesday, the first Turkey Vulture came gliding over Crane Lake. Wow, getting excited about Blackbirds and Vultures – I am desperate. It’s just a matter of time before I hear the grating call of the Merlins – they always come back really early. And of course, I’m checking the Osprey nest daily, last year they came back in early April.

For the latest video on my Yellow-rumped Warbler

go to this link:

He’s really getting his breeding plumage now; soon I should be able to tell if it’s a male or female.

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