We got hit again!

Shoveling Snow

More snow than you can shake a stick at! I haven’t heard the official snowfall amount yet, but we got somewhere around a foot and a half of white fluffy snow. It’s really quite beautiful. It’s hard to believe that the spring equinox is only 10 days from now.

Here’s the latest trail report from Voyageurs National Park:
Trail riding conditions are expected to be excellent this coming weekend within Voyageurs National Park. The foot and a half of snowfall that was received over the past two days and the planned grooming of trails are expected to provide outstanding traveling and scenery to view. Grooming will occur over the next several days by park and area snowmobile clubs on the snowmobile trails between Black Bay on Rainy Lake and Crane Lake.
Fishing success is reportedly picking up along this route and the freshly fallen snow will provide unique opportunities to view wildlife signs and activity.  Although the Rainy Lake snowmobile trail is not groomed, the fresh powder like snow resting on the smooth frozen lake surface will provide vigorous and stimulating riding conditions to the Kettle Falls area.

Due to the recent winter storm, significant snow drifts along the Rainy Lake ice road  have occurred and may delay or prevent clearing of the ice road prior to the weekend.

James Hummel
Operations Chief
Phone:  218-283-6650
Cell  218-324-3292

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