Watch those power poles…

one-legged Wilson's Snipe

one-legged Wilson’s Snipe

no, this isn’t a joke! My new office is located next to a “wet meadow”, aka swamp, and every day this week I saw a shape on top of the telephone pole. I thought that it was just an insulator for the power line, until one day I thought that I better check out that shape with my binoculars.

Wilson's Snipe

Wilson’s Snipe

And yes, the Snipe does have 2 legs.





Got the bins out of the back of the car and it was a bird sitting up there! A Wilson’s Snipe!!!

I knew I had them around there because I had heard them winnowing and squacking like they do. So I was thrilled to see one! He let me get close – usually these birds are extremely spooky – they won’t let you get close.

Snipe on power pole

Snipe on power pole



Much to my amazement, when I photographed this crazy bird, there was another sitting on top of the power pole 2 poles away! They were up there surveying their territory. I might have to try to find a nest next week.

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