Veery fine, thank you.



One bird that inhabits the deep woods around Crane Lake is the secretive Veery. Their beautiful song that is heard coming from the forest is indicative of their name. The song sounds like Veer, Veer, Veer sliding in a downward spiral. They also give a call note that says VEER! They like wet areas and they can be heard along the lakeshore. Most times they stay well hidden and just won’t come out and show themselves, but the other day this bird was excited and was flying all around. He even came out in the sun for a little bit.
About the same time I heard a couple of Blue Jays making a fuss and along came a Sharp-shinned Hawk looking for a little lunch…
Sharp-shinned Hawk

Sharp-shinned Hawk

He just sat in the tree and looked around and pretty soon he left the area. The Blue Jays were following the Hawk warning all that a fierce predator was in the vicinity.
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  1. Lynne at Hasty Brook says:

    I adore the Veery song. Great photo of such a secretive bird!

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