Unbelievable Snowstorm!

16+ inches of snow

It hadn’t even quit snowing and already 16 inches of snow had fallen. Spring snowstorms are the worst! Just when spring fever has set in we get hit by a big snowstorm.

snow mushroom

A snow mushroom?

 European Starling

I actually felt sorry for this Starling that was trying to stay out of the snow. Normally I don’t take photos of Starlings, but this bird in breeding plumage is almost kind of pretty. Their feathers take on a pretty sheen in the spring and the beaks turn a bright yellow; his legs also look a brighter color of orange.

deer and starling

The deer didn’t quite know what to do with this hungry Starling. They suspiciously kept one eye on him while eating – they couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t spook when they came close.



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