Turkey Buzzards – August 25, 2006

I went back to the swamp where the young Osprey is to get some more shots before he flies south. I would think that that could be any day now. I haven’t seen the parents for some time – you’d think they would be teaching him to hunt. On the way down to the swamp I came across these guys.Turkey Vulture

Some people call these birds Turkey Buzzards, but they are really Turkey Vultures. A buzzard is actually a hawk that occurs in Europe.

I wonder what the white stuff is around the eye. The nice brown wing pattern is interesting. Other than that the photos are self-explanatory. They have a bald head so they can dive right in to that carrion on the side of the road. Their feather-less head makes it necessary to migrate to warmer climates.

I had to go to work for a couple hours over at the Groomer Garage on the Handberg Road, when I came out there was a group of 3 small deer right outside the door. I had my scope all ready in the back of my car. This young buck was really staring at me and trying to get me to move by stomping his front hoof.

Spike Buck in Velvet

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