Townline Road

Townline Forest Road

Townline Forest Road

Last weekend I took a drive on the Townline Forest Road. This road is just north of Orr about 10 miles. It courses through the Kabetogama State Forest. It’s a very scenic drive with lots of Pine trees.

Kabetogama State Forest

Kabetogama State Forest

The gravel road is kind of narrow, but two vehicles would fit if you met one. As it was off-season, I didn’t meet anyone on the entire length. You may want to check in at the DNR office in Orr, before setting off down this road, to see if there’s any logging going on in the area.

Pelican Lake, Farmer Johns Landing

Pelican Lake, Farmer John's Landing

At the end of the road, you’ll end up at Farmer John’s Boat Landing on Pelican Lake. I noticed that this boat landing is pretty close to Big Island, where there’s a State SNA. BIG ISLAND had been donated to the state where it’s been designated a Scientific and Natural Area (SNA). Later this summer I plan on taking a kayak over to the island to check it out.

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  1. That sure is a beautiful part of the state.

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