They’ve Hatched!

On September 7th, Butch’s snapping turtles hatched!

Remember the post back on June 13?

Butch had sent me several photos of a huge snapping turtle laying eggs in the gravel in his yard. She laid 13 eggs in the nest.

Snapper birthing canal

Butch was lucky to be home to witness the birth of 8 baby turtles.

Snapping Turtle babies

Butch couldn’t help himself, he couldn’t watch the little guys struggle with finding the creek, so he helped them along – guiding them to the rocks by the water.


You can see how tiny these guys are. There are numerous hazards and hurtles to jump on their way from the nest to the water.

Prehistoric Turtle

Prehistoric creatures.

Underwater Snapper baby

This picture was taken through the water. The turtles will now burrow themselves down in the mud to spend the winter hibernating – that is if they don’t get eaten by the resident Great Blue Heron who is just waiting for such an opportunity.

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