There are two baby Broad-winged Hawks!

Juvie Broad-winged Hawk

I came over the top of the hill and there was a young Broad-winged Hawk standing on the nest. I got a few pictures before he hid out of sight. He has a really good hiding spot because I couldn’t find him again.

Broad-wing Hawk Junvenile

The other Hawk youngster was still sitting out in the open in pretty much the same spot as when I was last here on July 15th. He has grown a little but doesn’t look quite as mature as his sibling. I wonder if he got kicked out of the nest by the bigger sibling. This Hawk is still being fed by the parents so hopefully he will be fine. It looks like he has a full crop: note the bulge just under the throat.

The young Hawks were vocalizing quite a bit when I left. Their wheezy little calls were being answered by the parent Hawks.

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