The continuing saga of YR Warbler

This could be close to a record “late” date. According to my book “Birds in Minnesota” by Robert Janssen, the record late date for Yellow-rumped Warbler is November 30. And that number is in italics which means it is regarded as extraordinary. So you can understand my excitement. Another reference is the quarterly journal, The Loon, published by the Minnesota Ornithologists Union. It keeps track of all the reported dates and last year the “late” date was Oct 31 in Cook county and Nov 1 in Beltrami county. Now just last winter, I remember there was a report from Duluth of a Yellow-rumped attempting to overwinter. So they will hang around if they can find something to eat – or else, this particular Warbler had some sort of problem where it couldn’t migrate to warmer climes.

A cute nickname for this bird is “Butter Butt”! You can see how they get this name-look at the yellow right above the tail-it literally jumps out at you in this photo.

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