Stormy Day Slough Pumper

Yesterday was a strange stormy day, but I was able to get out in the morning before the storms moved in. I was out with a customer from Nelson’s Resort and we were on a bird quest. I think the birds knew something was brewing and were hunkered down, but we were able to see a few birds. Winter Wrens, Blackburnian Warblers, Hermit Thrushes, Ovenbirds, and Nashville Warblers were all still singing.

Wild Roses

Wild Roses are blooming – I’ve heard that they are a month late in blooming this year.

Wild Sweet Pea

Along the road is another plant that is flowering, I call them Wild Sweet Peas, but I’m not too sure that’s what they are.

American Bittern

Later on we stopped by the Osprey swamp by the Nelson Road, and we saw an American Bittern! That is a good bird! The locals around the area call this heron-type bird a Slough Pumper. That name comes from the distinctive call that this bird makes. Check out this link for a sound recording: American Bittern

Later on that afternoon on the way home from work I stopped by a place to check for Golden-winged Warblers. Along the Nelson Road there is a lot of young Aspen so I pulled into the snowmobile trail and got out of the car. I could hear birdsong that I was unfamiliar with, and there was a lot of chipping coming from the bushes. I pished a little bit and out came this bird and sat on a tree limb not too far from me. I was very surprised to see an Indigo Bunting! While this bird is a common sight further south in Minnesota, seeing one in the predominantly coniferous forest of the Superior National Forest is not so common. What a beautiful bird!

Indigo Bunting image from USFS

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