I was driving down the Crane Lake Road yesterday when up ahead I spied a Grouse picking grit in the road. I could tell from the general size and shape that it was going to be a Spruce Grouse! It’s not everyday that I have to brake for a Spruce Grouse! It was a beautiful male and he let me pull my car up to within a few feet of him. Of course, I didn’t have my camera with me. I watched for traffic coming up behind me and I sat at watched him for a couple minutes until a truck came from the other way. The Grouse safely flew out of the road and up into a tree. In looking around the internet for a good photo to link to, I found this way cool video of some Spruce Grouse in Wisconsin:


The video is kind of long at 4 minutes, but be sure to watch until the male comes into view. I love how he fans his tail for the ladies. They don’t seem to pay him much attention, but still he keeps trying.


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