Spring Snowstorm (another one!)

April Snowstorm 

We didn’t receive the predicted amounts of snow they were talking about. The radio stations were saying we could have up to 12 inches or more. Thank goodness we only got about 3-4 inches. It was cold and windy all day yesterday and last night it never got above 25 degrees. But, the rivers are roaring. We took a drive to the Vermilion Falls yesterday and there was so much water going over the falls it was kind of scary. You could see how high the water was – almost up to the viewing platform.

The Echo river over at Nelson’s Resort is cutting into the lake.


This pair of Buffleheads were getting their feathers ruffled by the strong north wind.

Hooded Merganser

Hooded Merganser in his breeding plumage.

Some of the spring migrants are here – and they are suffering. FOX_SPARROWS are hanging out by the foundation of the building and they occasionally sing their beautiful song – so I can hear it easily. They have a very pretty song that you only hear in the spring. Fox sparrows only migrate through the area in the spring and fall, and in the fall they are silent. A yellow-rumped warbler was in the yard and a hermit thrush. Rusty Blackbirds are numerous, they were foraging on the edge of the ice. As we drove back from the falls, we saw a Woodcock out in the middle of a snowy opening by the road. You usually don’t see a woodcock that easily! He slowly pumped his way to some cover – he looked like a spotted sandpiper the way he pumped his body – weird!

Killdeers and Robins were in the middle of the tar road trying to get away from the snow.
Hang in there – spring is coming. 

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