Spring Snow Storm, Xanto

Southern Minnesota experienced a blizzard this past weekend, up north we escaped the really heavy snow, but on Sunday night we did receive 6 inches of snow.

redpoll, common

Common Redpoll, male

I remember years ago, the park ranger at Voyageurs National Park told me that Redpolls are a sign of Spring. I have always kept that comment in the back of my mind and have compared it with reality every year since. Most of the time, in the fall, when the Redpolls come down from Canada they get counted on the annual Christmas Bird Count. But, they usually aren’t coming in to the bird feeders – they stay up high in the Birch trees eating the seeds. Most of the Redpolls continue to migrate south – out of northern Minnesota.

Common Redpoll

Through out the winter, as their natural food source diminishes, the Redpolls start coming to the feeders.

Common Redpoll

And today, they are mobbing the feeders – a huge flock of 100 Redpolls are descending on the bird feeders. I guess it might be a sign of spring, now we need to get that snow melted!


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