Spring is on its way!

Song Sparrow

singing Song Sparrow

I got out of the car this morningĀ and it sure felt like Spring. The smell in the air brought back memories of warmer times and there was a bird singing loudly from across the road that sounded familiar. It was a Song Sparrow! I had to brush the cobwebs off the old brain to remember that song from last year.

Song Sparrows arrive back on their breeding grounds very early, one of the first birds to come back. They love to nest along the lakeshore and there you will find them singing their exuberant song non-stop. Their song is similar to the following statement: “maids, maids, maids, put on your tea kettle, lettle, lettle.

It may not sound exactly like that, sometimes you have to use your imagination a little bit. But all Song Sparrows do start out with 3 lead notes, after that it is more of an individual collection of notes. Song Sparrows have highly variable songs among individuals according to where they are from. Regional dialects are what they call them and it is very noticeable when you travel around. A Song Sparrow in the Twin Cities can sound completely different than the Song Sparrows up here.

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