Spring is here


Although there are still patches of snow around, I found this Salamander in the snow. I put  it on the birch bark for the photo.

Here are some of the comments I received:

Nice find!!! It was probably sun bathing to help regulate its temperature.  Might have just come out of hibernation?  Are you familiar with how Amphibians hibernate?  The first frost of the fall signals their livers to convert glycogen to glucose,essentially creating a natural antifreeze that spreads to the tissues and organs throughout their body.  Pretty neat find there!

Wow!  It does seem early but when I looked in my field guide one of the first things it said was “This cold tolerant salamander”.  I am guessing it might be a blue spotted salamander.  Did  you notice any small blue spots?  They migrate from where they hibernate to the ponds they will breed at in April according to the guide.  Recently someone had posted a photo of a garter snake by some snow.  Apparently they both can get a move on in cool weather despite being cold blooded.

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