Spring IS coming

On Sunday we will be changing our calendars to the next month. I couldn’t believe it when I noticed on my March calendar that already on Sunday the 8th we will be going to daylight savings time. If that isn’t a sign of spring, I don’t know what is. We’ll have an extra hour of sunlight each evening. Just thinking about it gives me energy! 

If you watch birds, you can tell they are already feeling the effects of a new season and the re-birth of nature.

The other morning when it was well below zero (-20), I went out to feed the birds and the Chickadee was singing its “phoebe” song. A sure sign of spring! Next time you hear it think “cheeseburger” , that’s what some people say it sounds like.

The Woodpeckers have started drumming. That’s their mating call. I heard a loud constant drumming the other morning. I wondered if it was a Hairy Woodpecker. Then I heard the loud call of the Pileated Woodpecker. Some claim their call sounds like a crazy jungle bird. How exotic!

The Ravens are getting active now too. It’s interesting to watch their flight as they do barrell rolls and other aerial acrobatics as they celebrate spring. They are one of our birds up north here that nest very, very early. Take a look at a post from last spring here .

contemplating Pine Grosbeak

For now, feast your eyes on our beautiful Pine Grosbeaks.

Pine Grosbeak 

The young males are changing into their breeding plumage and several stages of coloration can be seen on individual birds. Some birds have patches of almost pink feathers.

Pine Grosbeak 

Look carefully to see that some birds are getting more color on their breasts.

And then, like clockwork, the majority of these birds will be gone by March 15th as they return to their Canadian breeding grounds. Wow, that’s not too far away. There’s always the stray bird that stays around a little longer with the latest I have seen a Pine Grosbeak being April 1st.

I’m always a little sad when the Pine Grosbeaks leave, but then I remember that it means Spring will be here soon!

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