Song Sparrows have arrived!

This morning I heard my first Song Sparrow of the season.

“maids, maids, maids, put on your tea kettle, lettle, lettle, lettle”

Try out the above phrase next time you hear a Song Sparrow. Their songs do vary by individual birds, but they always seem to start out with 3 chip-type notes.

Yesterday, while travelling to town, there were 35 American White Pelicans and 3 beautiful Tumpeter Swans on Myrtle Lake. The whole south end was white! I stopped and rolled down my windows to listen to the sounds of the swams. I believe they were Trumpeters because they were honking quite loud. It may have been 2 males and one female, because two of the swans were interacting with each other in a way that would suggest they were fighting over the female. One swan that stayed close to the female would honk and bob his head at the other odd man out. The head bobbing was quite dramatic as they have those long beautiful necks!

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