I’ve been using the word, serendipity, a lot lately. It’s such a fun word and it means ‘finding something that is meaningful to you by sheer accident or luck’.

Sometimes a walk in the woods will bring a surprise, like finding a bird that you didn’t expect and that makes you very happy. The other day that happened to me. I was on the Nelson Trail,back by the beaver pond in the Jack Pines, where I saw a Warbler foraging for food. It looked funny and unfamiliar and when I got it in the bins I realized it was  a Palm Warbler.

Now it seems like when I’m birding for Wood-Warblers, I listen for their song first and then seek out the bird. This bird occured just the opposite, I saw the bird first, and then I wondered what the song sounded like. I played the song on the iPod and then I could hear the bird singing that song! It was unexpected for me and a good find.

Seeing this bird in June indicates it could be a “breeding” bird and thats a good thing for us as we are located at the southern edge of their breeding range. I managed to get one poor photo of the bird.

Palm Warbler

Palm Warbler

The word “serendipity” originated in 1754 and it came about because of a fairy tale entitled “The Three Princes of Serendip”. Serendip is the Arabic name of Sri Lanka which is an island republic in the Indian Ocean. Evidently, the heroes in the tale are very lucky and accidently find a fortune.
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