Sep 30th, one of those great days

Yesterday was one of those great bird days. I don’t know why but the weather must have been just right for there were many migrants around all day. I started out seeing numerous ground-foraging sparrows in my backyard: Fox Sparrow, Junco, Harris’ Sparrow, White-crowned Sparrow and White-throated Sparrow.

As usual the Blue Jays were making pigs of themselves caching mouthfuls of sunflower seeds in their gullet. I had up to 10 in the yard at one time. I hope that when they regurgitate the food at their hiding place that they remember where they stashed it. Or at the very least some lucky bird or squirrel finds and eats it.

A late beautiful male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker made his appearance in the backyard. Many birds are attracted to the commotion of many birds feeding.

Later on I took a hike at my favorite hiking trail, the Vermilion Gorge, and the woods were just full of twittering Kinglets. Both species, the Golden-crowned and the Ruby-crowned, were represented in bountiful numbers. I heard the scolding call of the Ruby-crowned Kinglet; it sort of sounds like a Vireo’s scolding call, but it is louder. It is amazing to me how such a tiny bird can make such a loud noise. Ruby-crowns are very loud singers during the breeding season, when you hear their beautiful song quite often in these northern woods. Size wise Kinglets measure 4 – 4.25 inches from tip to tail. Compare that to a Ruby-throated Hummingbird at 3.75 inches; and a Chickadee at 5.25”

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