Sep 23, Backpacking

This past weekend Lori, of Handberg’s Marine, took my girlfriend Cherre and I on a backpacking trip. What a great time!

We hiked the Sioux-Hustler Trail to Devil’s Cascade and on up to Loon Lake. The trailhead is located 17 miles down the Echo Trail from the Crane Lake Road. We got started at 1:30 in the afternoon, kind of a late start but we only had 6 a mile hike to our first stop.

We camped at Devil’s Cascade that night. It was a beautiful night; the northern lights were out. During the night I had to visit the woods and I heard a Barred Owl calling. A little ways down the river another Owl answered, it did the little scream in return, the scream that Barred Owls make. After a cool start to the morning (it got down to 34 degrees), we rose early to prepare for the next leg of the trip. I was truly grateful that I had brought my down winter jacket. I used it during the night to supplement my sleeping bag’s warmth and it came in handy in the morning. Plus it is light; my pack weighed about 25 pounds when we started out.

Cool Fungus

Cool Fungus!


More Cool Fungi!!!!

The hike to Heritage Portage to Loon Lake was only about 4 ¾ miles. We made good time arriving at Loon Lake at 12:30. The ramen noodle soup we had for lunch tasted wonderful. I think it was the best bowl of soup I have ever eaten! Lori’s husband picked us up by boat on Loon Lake and we zoomed back to Crane Lake via the Loon River.

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