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I just heard about a Boreal Owl sighting north of Chishom in Balkan Township. According to the homeowner, the Boreal Owl staked out a feeder and watched for mice. The Owl was there for only one day last week and has not returned.

Great Gray Owl by Sandy Kuder
Great Gray Owl by Sandy Kuder

Also, there was a Great Gray Owl seen in Buyck. It was seen by the golf course; where the Crane Lake Road (county road 24) crosses the Vermilion River.

And a Mourning Dove has been visiting a feeder in Buyck. It’s been there all winter surviving the -30 and -40 degree temperatures. While Mourning Doves are not considered uncommon, they are rather uncommon in our area. They don’t breed around here, they prefer the open country out to the west. We do occassionally see Mourning Doves in migration and it usually takes a few people by surprise because we just don’t see them in our thick forests. Mourning Doves do move south in the winter, some only as far south as southern Minnesota.  

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