Rusty Blackbirds

A bird that comes through our area in the fall is the RUSTY BLACKBIRD. Fall is the best time to see them and is the easiest time to identify the bird as they molt into a rusty color. Otherwise in the spring and summer they look like just an ordinary blackbird. This bird is somewhat of a mystery as they breed and nest in remote boreal forest and it is difficult to find nesting evidence. It would be really cool if we could find some nesting birds in northern Minnesota!

I heard the birds in the morning and thought to myself, that must be young Grackles practising their singing, it sounded like a bubbly mixture between a Red-winged Blackbird and a Grackle. When I spotted the bird (they were spooky!), I saw the rusty color and a big yellow eye. I listened to my iPod to a recording of the Rusty Blackbird song and it was definitely a Rusty Blackbird! Check it out at: Rusty Blackbirds description

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