Robin with a sore throat-May 28, 2006

I had just got done posting the previous post and I was looking up on “blogger help” how to open a link in a new window, when I heard something outside. It sounded like a robin but different and it had a hoarse quality to it. So I thought you better take a look out the window you never know it could be a Scarlet Tanager.

I looked up into the dead birch in the backyard and there it was: a bright red bird!!! A Scarlet Tanager!! You just cannot understand my excitement! I ran to get my binocs (a very foolish thing to do) and when I came back he was gone. But wait, I can still hear his call, so I went out the back door and snuck around the backyard to try and view this magnificent bird.

There he was sitting on a branch at the very top of a dead birch tree. What a fantastic view through my now handy binoculars! Scarlet_Tanager I verified the black wings (making sure it wasn’t a Summer Tanager) and the black tail. I had heard the call described as “a robin with a sore throat”, and how true that is! Make my Day!!!!!

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