Redpolls galore

The Redpolls are here in Crane Lake in huge numbers. My backyard feeders have been host to 100-200 birds at a time.

Redpolls are one of those birds that you see along the sides of the road taking up grit. They use it in their crops to grind the seeds that they consume. So the other day I had a bright idea. I took a chunk of slush that had fallen off my car and carried it up to the backyard feeders. It has been a hit ever since!

Common Redpoll

It’s just another thing I can offer at my backyard smorgasbord.

Redpoll on slush chunk

Redpolls, Siskins, and Pine Grosbeaks have all been pecking away at the slush chunk. Now in the next couple days it will melt as the temperatures will be rising. It’s going to feel a lot like Spring!

Redpoll male

Some of the male Redpolls are getting so colorful now. This one even has pink on his rump.

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2 Responses to Redpolls galore

  1. What a clever idea about the sandy ice chunk. I’ll be adding one to my back yard feeders too. I’m in New Hope, a northern suburb of Minneapolis and we’ve got loads of Redpolls here too. I’ve never had one in my yard before and this winter there have been between 50 and 100.

  2. Certhia says:

    Hi, and neat idea–BUT–In the Twin Cities metro (and maybe elsewhere?) I’d be worried about whether a sludgy chunk would add salt to the birdies’ lives…
    Any ideas?

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