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Hello Dee,

Recently put out my feeder with oil sunflower seeds, and a smaller tray feeder with Thistle(NYJER) along with deer ribs/carcass.
Have Bluejays, Gray Jays, Wood peckers, a few Grosbeaks the other day, and Chickadees.
No smaller birds/ Nuthatch, Junco, Siskins.  Too early?  Suggestions?


Lake Leander

Hello Lake Leander, sounds like you have set up a great feeding station. I especially like the deer carcass. I wish we had one, but we didn’t get a deer this year.

Red-breasted Nuthatch

Red-breasted Nuthatch

I have found that Nuthatches really like peanuts. They like the shelled kind – I buy mine at New London Warehouse in Virginia – they’re good and fresh. You have to be careful on storage of peanuts because they can mold, although that’s usually not a problem in the winter.

I also throw the cheap mixed bird feed on the ground for the ground feeding birds like Juncos. You might even bring in a few Grouse.

It seems like there haven’t been too many Siskins around this year, they like to follow the cone crop and so they might be somewhere else this winter. The Thistle seed should attract Siskins along with Goldfinches.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

Dee Kuder

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