Ready for Action – June 23, 2006

Got out at 6:15 am on the Nelson Trail ready for some action. It was a little on the slow side. But I did get some great looks at the Chestnut-sided Warblers that seem to be abundant on the trail this year. They have several differing calls other than the usual “please, please, pleased to meet ya” song. No wonder I have been so confused. I heard a lot of high twittering and there were loads of Golden-crowned Kinglets in the Spruce trees. A little while later I was fortunate enough to be scolded by one of these tiny birds, they must have had their young ones along. I have just decided that Spruce trees are my favorite tree. They hold so many birds. The warblers love to hide out in their thick branches so you can’t see them. A grove of Spruce trees are so much more productive than a stand of Pines.

Towards the end of the hike, I heard the familiar whistle of a Broad-winged Hawk He seem quite agitated. He flew to a tree where I got outstanding looks at him. A reddish eye stands out and a yellow on the top half of the beak. When he made his whistling call, he would open his beak wide and then about a half second later his whistling sound came out. It was weird. He got chased away by a Blue Jay.
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