Raven Nestling

Raven Nest

Last winter I took this photo of a Raven nest. This nest has probably been on this cliff ledge for decades. Ravens will use the same nest over and over again if it is in a good location. This is an excellent location on these cliffs that are on Crane Lake. A predator would be hard pressed to reach this ledge – and bigger birds like Eagles would probably hesitate before they would attempt to land on this narrow ledge. It’s even hard for me to pick the nest out of the cliffs – it blends in very well. Can you see it? It’s right in the shadow of the overhanging rock.

Raven chick

The Common Raven nests very early in the season, this chick is almost ready to fledge or leave the nest. He might be a little hungry, he sat with his mouth open almost the entire time that I watched him.

Young Raven

This rock wall where the nest is located faces west/northwest. And when the late snowstorms blew in last April, this nest site must have been exposed to the elements. I am amazed at the Raven parents and how they endured sitting out those terribly windy storms of snow and ice.


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