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Project FeederWatch Electronic Newsletter
November 3, 2008
The 22nd season of Project FeederWatch begins November 8. Data Entry is now open and ready for participants to log in and update Count Site information. See below for reminders about setting up your FeederWatch count site online. For all of the latest information about getting started with data entry (for both new and returning participants) read the instructions found here:
Lab’s new blog promotes Project FeederWatch
Read the Lab’s blog and send the latest post to your friends to
encourage them to join FeederWatch:
Trend Graphs updated
New trend graphs reflecting data from last season are now up in the
Explore Data section of our web site:
Winter Bird Highlights
The latest edition of FeederWatch’s Winter Bird Highlights have been
mailed with the fall issue of BirdScope for U.S. participants and in the
FeederWatch kits of Canadian participants. You can also see a pdf
version online:
Setting up a Count Site online
New participants, and returning participants who have moved, can create
and describe Count Sites for the coming season by following the Your
Count Site link on the Data Entry home page.
Returning participants reporting from the same location as last year
should use the same Count Site that they used last year. Remember to
describe your Count Site by following the “describe” link on the Your
Count Site page.
Participants switching from paper to online data entry
Participants who entered data on paper forms in past years will see a
Count Site labeled with the zip code of the site where the data were
collected. If this is the first year you are entering data online and
you submitted data on paper forms in the past, the zip code should be
the only Count Site shown. Continue to use this Count Site if you are
reporting from the same location. Please do not create a new Count Site
unless you are counting from a new location.
Happy FeederWatching!

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