Pine Grosbeaks


Grosbeak, Pine

Pine Grosbeak

I have been watching these beautiful winter visitors for the past 20+ years and have noted the arrival and departure dates. They usually start arriving in Crane Lake around October 30th and then depart in mid-March. Their presence is truly appreciated by the Crane Lake residents that feed these spectacular birds. Pine Grosbeaks like sunflower seeds and they will mob a platform feeder. They brighten up a bleak winter day with their bright crimson and gold colors.

Grosbeak, Pine female

female Pine Grosbeak

At this time of the year, the first year males are starting to change from their juvenile gold coloration to the brilliant red of the adult Pine Grosbeak. The young males are a pinkish-coppery colorĀ and the colors are iridescent in the afternoon sun.

Grosbeak, Pine intermediate

Pine Grosbeak

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