Outdoor Water Feature

I like to offer “unfrozen” water to the birds in the winter. You can buy the expensive heated bird baths like I have for the past three winters. But, those pricey bird baths that you buy at a bird specialty store never seemed to last more than one season. Maybe it’s because it gets so cold up here, I don’t know.

So this year, I purchased a cheap heated dog dish from L&M FLEET SUPPLY “on sale” for $14.88.

Anyhow, I had been filling the dish with water twice a day, and I couldn’t figure out why. I had been seeing the Blue Jays drinking but other than that the other birds weren’t drinking yet.

Well, I have indeed found out why this water dish has become so popular – the Deer have discovered it! Yesterday, it was all out mass hysteria in the backyard. A group of 5-7 Deer have become regulars. They clean up the seed hulls and other fallen seeds from under the feeders. I don’t mind too much if they clean up the spent hulls – that means I don’t have to do it in the Spring. But why not wash down those pesky hulls with a drink of cool water? Yes, the Deer have been drinking the water and who knows what other critters come through during the night and drink. Certainly the Fox who also will eat sunflower seeds has partaken in the liquid water?

Bucky, the White-tail Deer

Thawed water is a popular feature in the winter time.

Button Buck

This “Button” Buck was coming in for a drink of water. 

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