Orr, MN

I had to take a run to Orr today so I thought I’d take a quick walk around the Orr bogwalk. The trees in this boggy area are Tamarack and there was a place where you could see a woodpecker had been working on the trees. I wonder if it was a Black-backed Woodpecker? They will work an area over like that.

Right next to the boardwalk I found a Northern Waterthrush. Northern Waterthrush drawing by LA FuertesThis bird is not a Thrush it’s actually a Warbler and they have a very loud and beautiful song. In fact this was the best view I have ever had of this bird. It sat on the branch right at eye level and sang out it’s song. I looked at the bog mat and I saw something little streak across the ground – I think it may have been a baby Waterthrush.

Next I went to the North Country Inn in Orr to check out Pelican Lake. I’d heard that Red-necked Grebes nest in this area, but alas, I guess I was too late. The Grebes are done nesting for the year. On the way down to the lake, which is about a 50 foot walk on another boardwalk, right through a thick tangle of alder, I was hearing a bird singing incessantly a very pretty song – I knew I’d heard the song before, but couldn’t quite place it. Then I remembered a Warbling Vireo! And there he was! At first sight I was thinking Philadelphia Vireo – they look similar – and we don’t have Warbling Vireos in Crane Lake proper, so I wasn’t prepared to see a Warbling Vireo, but there he was! Their song is said to be: when i see you, i will squeeze you, I will squeeze you til you squirt

Warbling Vireo  USFS photo

The mnemonic phrase for the Northern Waterthrush is rather interesting, he says: nice old ladies don’t chew, chew, chew


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