Orr Bog Walk

Bog Walk

I had to make a trip to town and stopped by the Orr Bog Walk at the Voyageurs National Park – Orr Tourist Information Center. What a beautiful walk through the bog! You would not be able to access the bog during the season where the ground is not frozen were it not for the wood walkway that winds through the bog down to the Pelican River. There are interpretive signs telling you what plants you are looking at, very interesting.

Common Yellowthroat


The woods were filled with bird song: Northern Waterthrush, Least Flycatcher, Red-eyed Vireo. Then down by the swampy shoreline of the river, there were Swamp Sparrows and Common Yellowthroats and a very scrappy Yellow Warbler. I got a wonderful view of a Veery, he perched on a low branch right next to the walkway. But the bugs were plentiful so if you go bring a hat and some bug dope. My attitude with the creepy little flying insects is to not let them get to you, try to ignore them, and remind yourself that were it not for these insects, all these wonderful birds would not be here.

Yellow Warbler


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