I’ve been off the air for a little bit because my computer got a nasty virus! Yikes! I was working last Monday going from the website to when a window popped up. It said I had a virus and asked if I wanted to get this special software they were trying to tell me to get. I knew it was probably a fake alert so I clicked no and then I clicked the x in the upper right hand corner. This got the window to go away, but the pop-ups kept coming up. Finally I shut down the machine and went to another computer to look up some information about XP Antivirus Pro, which is what kept popping up. That is where I found out that I shouldn’t have clicked anything – it was all a fake – and by clicking on no or the x in the upper right hand corner, I had actually triggered the virus. Grrrrr…. I knew it was going to be a waste of time. I spent 6 hours on the phone with McAfee, with whom I had purchased a premium support package when I bought the computer. They weren’t able to help me…now what? They told me to go to the manufacturer and they’d help me restore the system. Ugh…was I going to lose all my stuff? I couldn’t bear the thought of losing all the photos that I’d taken last summer.

I saw lots of fixes on the internet for the virus, including some videos on YouTube which demonstrated exactly how to rid your computer of the virus. That was way too much for me – I didn’t know who I could trust. Then I remembered an ad in the local paper and that I had seen a sign at a storefront in Cook for North Country Computer. So I called them up.

Ira Isham, you are the greatest! He owns North Country Computer and he was able to help me out. He got rid of that nasty virus and everything is fine now. I didn’t lose any of my files or my precious photos.

Now, I am very busy backing up all my files, photos and important e-mails. What a hard lesson to learn. It had been a while since I had backed up, and I got lazy after a while when nothing bad had happened. Oh well, live and learn as they say…

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