North Mitchell Island Campsite

Finally got out on the lake and took a ride up to Namakan. It was a beautiful summer day. A stop at the campsite on Mitchell Island was very productive. Juneberries are prolific this year. Wow, what a treat!


These berries are also known as Serviceberries. I don’t think either describe the fruit very well as the berries don’t ripen in June – it is now July – and Service berry just doesn’t make sense. Oh well, they are delicious to pick and eat right off the bush.

While we were relaxing on the beach, I couldn’t help but notice the birds. There were a pair of dueling Yellow Warblers. They had their territory firmly staked out. One bird had the prime territory where there were lots of shrubby trees, the other bird was delegated to the pointy end of the island where there were many pines. Somewhere in the middle ground was a Yellow-rumped Warbler with young ones.

I thought I heard Pine Warblers and was eventually treated to some wonderful looks at one. He was carrying a couple of bugs in his beak, but he was still able to warble his unique trill. His entire body would tremble as he made his distinctive call. I would dare say they were raising some families on this island. I could hear several Pine Warblers calling in the tall stands of Red Pine.

Then I heard a soft high trilling and there was a group of Cedar Waxwings. I thought, yes come down and eat some of these plentiful Juneberries there are enough for everyone. But they stayed high in the trees and foraged in the pine cones.

As we relaxed on the boat and soaked up some sun, a female white-tailed deer came out on the other side of the channel for a drink of water. She stared intently into the woods and finally a young fawn came out of the shade to join her mother in a drink of water.

North Mitchell Island Campsite

For a small island it held some wonderful surprises.

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