Nest hole excavation


Black-capped Chickadee nesthole

Chickadees and Nuthatches excavate their own nest holes. I was lucky enough to find both birds working on their nest sites last week.



flicker, northern

Northern Flicker, yellow-shafted

A Flicker came along to see what the action was all about. He wasn’t welcome and got chased away by the little Chickadee.

boreal chickadee

Boreal Chickadee

A check in some different habitat revealed a Boreal Chickadee. A very special little bird that is not that common in northern Minnesota.

chickadee, boreal

Boreal Chickadee, formerly called Hudsonians

These Chickadees like the Jack Pine habitat and boggy areas with Black Spruce and Tamarack trees.

Boreal Chickadee

Boreal Chickadee

I just can’t get enough of these little brown headed Chickadees!

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