Nelson’s Trail – June 21, 2006

I finally took a hike over at the Nelson’s Trail, I hadn’t been there yet this season. The bugs were really bad, there is that huge beaver pond, but the birding was the best I can remember. It started out kinda slow, it was about 5:30pm, usually a quiet time. But then just when the bugs were their worst, the birding really picked up. Great looks at a Chestnut-sided Warbler were seen. Then I found a mud turtle laying eggs, Dance got a kick out of that. A little ways later, a pair of Myrtle (yellow-rumped) Warblers were scolding me. They led me right to a nest in a jack pine. More chestnut-sided warblers were seen, and also saw a few rocks that had been slid to the side and the ground dug up. This I was pretty sure was the work of a bear. There has been a little one hanging around the resort garbage cans. Fortunately I didn’t see him. In the pine grove I got a good look at a Nashville Warbler, she had babies in the ferns, I could hear their chip calls. Then towards the end of the walk, I got great singing from both sides of the trail. On the south side was a Swainsons Thrush, and on the north side was a Hermit Thrush. I got out my iPod and listened to the two songs. The Swainsons stays on one level, the Hermit sings one phrase and then the next phrase is higher. It was a fun experience comparing the two songs right there in the field. Coming down the steep pine covered hill towards the end of my walk, there were lots of singing birds – I will have to come back in the morning real soon.

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