Mountain Maple

MOUNTAIN MAPLE is small tree or shrub that grows up here and is colorful right now. The locals call this tree “Moose Maple” for good reason.

Mountain Maple

This small tree is a favorite food of the Moose. They use their height to bend the tree over where they eat the tips of the tree. When you are in Moose country this activity is very evident, especially in the fall. In fact, Moose is an Algonquin word meaning twig-eater.

Moose Scrape

Another indicator of Moose activity in the fall are the big “scrapes” that you will find. They will dig up an area and then mark their territory. I’m sure my dog could tell quite a story if she could talk.

Moose Maple Shrub

The bright fall color of the Moose Maple really stands out amongst the green.

October is probably the best time to see Moose. The bulls are roaming the woods searching for females, or cows, as it is the rutting season. It’s always such a thrill when you come upon one of these huge creatures when you’re driving down the Crane Lake Road. They make you feel pretty small. Morning and evening is the best time to search for Moose.  

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