More on Bunchberries

Bunchberry in Flower

This photo was taken on June 29th. Take note that the “single” flower produces several berries. 

Bunchberry Fruit

Here’s the same scene on August 16th. A little snow in the picture and it would make a very nice Christmas photo!

In a way, the Bunchberry plant is similar to the familiar Christmas season plant, the Pointsettia. The red fronds of the Pointsettia flower are not petals but are bracts and the actual flower is the small buds in the center of the bracts.

Bunchberry Flower close-up

The Bunchberry flower is the same. The white petals are bracts, and as you can see in the above photo, the flowers are the several teeny sized buds in the middle. That is how this plant produces the many berries that you see at this time of the year.  

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