More early Warbler migrants

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Pine Warbler

The little jewels of the forest are coming back up north in droves now. Another early migrant is the Pine Warbler.

This morning I heard them calling at Handberg’s Marina. They nest in the Pines on the point at Handberg’s. One of their songs is a trill. It sounds a lot like the Chipping Sparrows that are trilling now too. But the Pine Warbler has a more “musical” trill. Okay, I understand that a trill can hardly be musical, but if you listen carefully and often, you can tell the difference between the two trills.

Another good place to find Pine Warblers are in the Pines at the Vermilion Gorge. And a really great place is up on the islands on the big lakes in Voyageurs National Park. You may think they’re insects buzzing sometimes, but sit back and watch for movement in the Pines and you will most likely spot a Pine Warbler.

In my opinion, this is one of the few birds that are actually named for their habitat and it makes sense.


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